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mbaI am currently working on two projects in which ‘experience’ features prominently. In one case, I am working with an MBA program to create a new educational experience. In the other, I am working with an action sports manufacturer to define a new recreational experience. In both cases, my client is looking for more than simply improving the customer or service experience. Rather, they are looking at the experience as the offering and their products and services as “props” to satisfying customer needs. Read more

Four Ways Customer Needs Can Lead to Growth

Companies today spend a huge amount of time, money, and human resources trying to learn about customer needs. They don’t do this for laughs; smart companies do it because they are looking for ways to grow their business. But different types of growth require different inputs from customers; if you don’t know that up front, your efforts can fail at providing meaningful insights.

In this blog, I’d like to briefly overview the four different ways a service business can grow and the types of customer needs that can and should inform each. Read more

Mind Your Service Basics

I like my BMW dealer.  In fact, I’ve blogged about its exceptional service before.  But a recent experience reinforces the importance of minding service basics if one hopes to consistently excel at customer service.

I took my car to the dealership to repair a modest dent in the front fender.  Upon arriving at the body shop, it was very confusing who I should talk to.  In fact, I found several staff averting their eyes to avoid having to help me.  To make matters worse, the customer service area had groups of people huddled into cramped offices and looking all too busy to help (at least that is the vibe). Strike one. Read more

Service DNA

If I were to ask you to name a company that consistently excels at customer service, what company would come to mind? In you are part of a military family, you might say USAA. If you live in the Southeast, you might tell me about Publix Supermarkets. If you are a golf aficionado, you might share your Masters experience with me. And, if you are passionate about shoes, you might mention either Nordstrom or Zappos. No doubt, others among you would name companies such as Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Chik-fil-A, Apple Stores, Disney, and Mayo Clinic. Read more

The Two Critical Questions Guiding B2B Loyalty

As a former professor, I am acutely aware of how deficient most models of B2B loyalty are. In fact, if you look at most textbooks on B2B marketing, you will find nary a mention of customer needs except for discussion of how one business prefers to interact with another business. It is as though businesses, unlike consumers it would seem, buy products and services from other businesses just because they want to have a good relationship or interaction with them, not because they have actual needs they are seeking to satisfy. Nothing is further from the truth. Read more

Surprise Customers with Service – Podcast

Learn how, an online printer, is using service as a key market differentiator as they try to become the “best printer” on the internet. Listen to Dan Moross, the head of customer service, as he describes some of the unique operating practices that separate MOO from the competition. There are no customer service scripts or call timers at MOO, just a bunch of real people solving customer issues and striving to surprise customers with exceptional service.


NPS is a Thermometer, but You May Need a Customer Relationship MRI

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has taken root in the psyche of corporate America and has proliferated at a pretty fast rate.[i]  Companies gravitate toward its simplicity and ease of implementation.  Ask your customers the likelihood they would recommend your company, follow that up with a few open-ended questions to understand their ratings, do some simple calculations across customers and presto – you’re done… (or so it would seem). Read more

Service is Going the Extra Mile

Something caught my attention in the results of two automotive service studies we just completed. It was the substantial impact of perceived extra effort in the service process on customer satisfaction & loyalty. Read more

Is Customer Satisfaction Just a Game?

There is a very troubling trend in how companies handle the measurement of their customer experience.  The unsettling practice is that companies instruct their customers on how to rate them after a service transaction.  Has this happened to you?  How does it make you feel when they ask?  Do you think it is a reasonable request? I do not!

Read more

Small is the New Big

When an executive of a Fortune 100 company recently sought my advice on how to make an impact on his business, I told him that he should become an advocate for small service innovations – what I refer to as “innovating the gaps.” Read more

The Masters of Customer Experience

I have been fortunate to attend The Masters golf tournament the past two years.  In my inaugural visit last year, I was overwhelmed by the customer experience.  This year, I was profoundly impressed because a truly great customer experience requires doing so many things well.

Read more

Find Your Meghan! Podcast

Listen to this thought provoking interview with Joe Schmidt, Chief Marketing Officer of Café Press, and hear about one of his core tenets of serving customers.  He calls it “Find your Meghan”.  He shares a compelling customer story that changed the trajectory of how his company, Canvas on Demand, served customers and became a guiding principle for helping them grow the business – which ultimately led to their company being purchased by Café Press.




The Emotional Side of Service Innovation

The optimal service experience delivers not only on functional customer needs such as getting things done quickly and without errors, but also on their emotional needs such as feeling confident and in control. The challenge, of course, lies in understanding which emotions are significant to customers and designing services that deliver against these emotional needs.

Read more

Why Your Best Practice Is Not My Best Practice

Peter Drucker once said “leadership is about results, not attributes.”  A recent trip to McDonald’s got me thinking about this business truth.  I confess to being a customer and fan of certain quick serve restaurants – McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A to name two.  They epitomize two different sides of business leadership – McDonald’s stands apart for their operational excellence and Chick-fil-A for their service excellence.

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My Service Is Perfect. It’s Those Incompetent Customers that Are the Problem!

In response to a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago using Google Instant as an illustration,[i] one concerned reader commented, “Google Instant is not the problem. Instant works swimmingly. However, your colleagues should stop clogging the tubes with email FWDs and consider that the real issue here is PEBKAC.”

Read more

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